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The Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada envisions a world where people in organizations are ethically aware and act ethically.


The Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada promotes ethical knowledge, wisdom and competency in Canadian organizations.

Core Values

EPAC upholds the following values and encourages all individuals connected with EPAC to do the same:

  1. Have the courage to act with integrity.
  2. Take responsibility to respond ethically to our changing world, embrace accountability, and help others to do so as well.
  3. Respect all people and encourage collaboration, volunteerism, engagment and contribution.
  4. Act with transparency while respecting legitimate privacy and confidentiality concerns.
  5. Encourage others to model ethical behaviour.

More information about our Values is available in EPAC’s Ethical Standards and Guidance documents.


EPAC - Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada | APEC - Association des praticiens en éthique du Canada

Promoting Ethical Knowledge, Wisdom and Competency in Canadian Organizations

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