The Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada / l’Association des practiciens en éthique du Canada was founded in 1994. The vision of EPAC is a world where people in organizations are ethically aware and act ethically. Its purpose is to promote ethical practices in organizations and to support ethics practitioners across Canada.

EPAC functions as a community of interest and a community of practice of individuals interested in ethics as applied in organizational life. Members include formal practitioners in organizations, such as ethics and values officers, compliance and CSR officers, and individuals charged with reviewing conflict of interest allegations. The membership also comprises consultants in this domain, and educators and students interested in this subject. A condition of membership is commitment to EPAC’s comprehensive statement of ethical values and standards.

Members come from all sectors: government, business, voluntary sector, academic. The dialogue and cross-fertilization of insights from different sectors is a key strength of EPAC.

Surveys of members indicate that we value educational and networking opportunities highly. To these ends, EPAC puts on half-day workshops and lunch-time ‘round-table’ events which anyone can join; maintains this web site to help our members learn and exchange and to tell others about EPAC; and sends out frequent bulletins to members. In addition, we are offering the webinar platform to members to engage with each other; and we have started our first special-interest group, on the topic of ethical treatment of human subjects in scientific research.

Through a partnership with the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network, EPAC participates in Globethics.net, a global digital ethics library and platform for collaborative web-based research, conferences, online publishing and information sharing on applied ethics.

EPAC receives occasional requests for assistance from individuals who make allegations of ethical wrongdoing that are not related to EPAC itself. Please be advised that it is outside of EPAC’s mandate to provide assistance in such cases.

To become a member of EPAC, see the Join EPAC section of this website.

Our 2020-21 Board of Directors

  • Craig Ervine (Belleville), Chair
  • Vania Karam (Ottawa), Treasurer
  • Brad Labadie (Belleville), Secretary
  • Paul Osborne (Belleville)
  • Robert Czerny (Ottawa)
  • Alicia Cameron (Ottawa)
  • Ian Bron (Ottawa)

EPAC can have up to twelve Directors. Any member who wishes to serve on the Board should contact us at any time. We would like the Board to have wider national representation.

Our Secretariat

EPAC/APEC c/o The Willow Group
Suite 401, 1505 Laperriere Ave
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7T1
Email: service@epac-apec.ca
Tel:  613-722-2273
Fax: 613-729-6206


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