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EPAC has issued the Competency Profile of Ethics Practitioners to set a threshold standard for competent ethics practitioners. The Competency Profile is a guideline that forms part of EPAC’s voluntary self-governing framework for professional activities relating to ethics in organizations.

The Competency Profile addresses three areas:

  • the functions that ethics practitioners carry out
    • working with organizations to identify organizational values and develop ethics programs
    • promoting ethical leadership and decision-making
    • developing social responsibility frameworks
  • the knowledge that ethics practitioners must have:
    • understanding of the application of major theories of ethics and decision-making models
    • understanding the basics of organizational management
    • understanding major national and international ethics cases
  • the skills that ethics practitioners must possess: 
    • facilitating constructive dialogue on ethics-related issues
    • analyzing ethics issues and problems
    • providing coherent, realistic solutions to ethical issues

This information will assist potential employers and clients to engage professionally competent ethics practitioners, as well as enabling educators to design programs to train ethics practitioners. Most important, the Competency Profile established a common standard for those who work to enhance the ethical orientation of organizations in Canada.

See also the related Competency Self-Assessment Guide.


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