Competency Self-Assessment Guide

Use the Guide to assess yourself and your organization, and to help you become a better ethics officer, advisor or consultant.

Use the Self-Assessment Guide to find out how much you know and how you can improve:

  • your on-the-job functions or activities as an ethics practitioner, such as working with organizations to identify organizational values and develop ethics programs
  • your knowledge as an ethics practitioner, such as understanding the application of major theories of ethics and decision-making models
  • your skills as an ethics practitioner, such as facilitating constructive dialogue on ethics-related issues.

The Guide will help you, your colleagues and staff find out what you need to do to develop as fully competent ethics practitioners able to provide effective advice on:

  • quality service
  • leadership
  • improving your organization’s reputation
  • preventing scandals before they start
  • good corporate citizenship and social responsibility
  • transparency
  • accountability
  • risk management

The Guide is 51 pages long, so in addition to the PDF version below, we attach a Word version which you can modify more easily for your own uses.

Competency Self-Assessment Guide (.pdf - 459 kB)

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Competency Self-Assessment Guide (.doc - 269 kB)

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