Webinar on June 21 on “Code RED (Rapid Ethical Decision-Making): Insights from the Front Lines”

When: Noon to 1:30 Eastern time, Thursday June 21, 2018
Cost: Free to EPAC members, $40 to others ($15 to students).

“To act or not to act, that is the question” when faced with an emergency situation and there’s no time for calm deliberation. Must I? Should I? Will I?  Some situations are covered by SOPs (standard operating procedures) that personnel are required to follow. Others are covered by guidelines which permit discretionary leeway. Ethicist Dr. Rick Walker (retired from the Canadian Army) will explain how ethical expectations are built into SOPs, and training prepares personnel to act more or less automatically ‘in the heat of battle’. Retired Ottawa policeman Dr. Greg Brown will interpret his research findings that show a decline in pro-active ‘community policing’ as personnel make discretionary decisions that consider the pros and cons of acting. Together they will present important messages about what organizations must do to define their expectations and support their personnel in “doing the right thing, at the right time for the right reasons”.

The EPAC Annual General Meeting will take place right after the webinar; members who wish to attend the AGM electronically can do so by staying connected to the webinar site.


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