December 11 webinar – Through the Looking-Glass: Public Sector Ethics Now and Beyond

When: Tuesday, December 11 from noon to 1 p.m. EST. Please register by clicking on "Read more" link.
Cost: Registration required. Free for members of EPAC. Non-members will be invoiced $40 ($15 for students) after the webinar.

Join a discussion of foundations, current conditions and future directions in public sector ethics with Ralph Heintzman.

In this conversational and interactive webinar, Mr. Heintzman will respond to questions from our interviewer (Robert Czerny, past chair of EPAC) and to those posed by participants. This is a great opportunity to contribute your thoughts on the state of public sector ethics.

As vice-chair of the Tait Report (1996) working group, Ralph Heintzman helped to launch the current era of values and ethics in the federal public service. Subsequently he headed the government’s Office of Public Service Values and Ethics. He continues his interest in public sector ethics as a senior fellow in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa and of Massey College (University of Toronto). For instance, Mr. Heintzman addressed the EPAC conference on May 8 that examined the legacy of the Tait Report (see; and the June 22 edition of the Globe and Mail ran his commentary on the reaction of the Clerk of the Privy Council to the Auditor-General’s findings regarding the Phoenix pay system.

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