Responding to Inappropriate Pressure: A ‘Giving Voice to Values’ Case Study (June 18 2019 Webinar)

When: June 18, 2019 (noon to 1 pm EDT)
Cost: The Webinar is free for members of EPAC. Non-members will be invoiced $40 ($15 for students) after the webinar. Registration is required.

Learn about “Giving Voice to Values” from its creator! On June 18, 2019 (noon to 1 pm EDT), Dr. Mary Gentile will be our webinar speaker and case study guide. The case, written by her GVV team, concerns a rising controllership official in an ethical dilemma. Should he comply with pressure from above to distort the data in order to improve how the company looks? Or should he speak up for honest reporting and perhaps stop his ascent to the senior ranks? Registrants will receive the case two days before the webinar.

After the webinar, remain on line for the Annual General Meeting, or join the AGM at 1 p.m. using the webinar link.


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