Ethics in the New Normal: Getting Through and Beyond COVID-19

When: Tuesday May 19, 2020 12 Noon to 1 pm
Cost: FREE

EPAC’s highly popular April 9 brainstorming webinar focussed on current ethics challenges in the COVID-19 period. Participants wanted more; so our next webinar will look to the post-COVID future:

What ethical challenges will arise when some organizations ramp up to resume their suspended operations, while others pivot in new directions? And how should ethics in organizations ‘ramp up’, or will it need to ‘pivot’ too? Will there be novel ethical issues in how to treat employees?

The facilitators will again be Chris MacDonald, business ethics professor at Ryerson University, and Robert Czerny, EPAC past-president. The webinar is offered free of charge to members and non-members alike.

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