EPAC Webinar on Whisteblower Systems held October 13, 2016

Whistleblowing: Managing Risks, Reducing Harm, Increasing Value

The purpose of this 90-minute webinar was to introduce members of organizations of all types and sizes to Whistleblowing Systems – a Guide. Published by the CSA Group in February 2016 and available free from CSA Group Communities, this Guide reflects research into best practices worldwide and applies it to Canadian contexts and conditions. The webinar dealt with the purpose, design and implementation of systems to encourage a culture of ‘speaking up’ where reports of suspected wrongdoing are used to manage risk, reduce harm and increase value. See the slides in “Resources – Articles”.

The presenters were Prof. Robert Shepherd of Carleton University and Sandy Boucher of Grant Thornton LLP, two of the main contributors to the Guide. Prof. Shepherd teaches in Carleton’s School of Public Policy and Administration; is President of the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration; Past-Chair, Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education; and author of the whistleblowing chapter of the upcoming revised version of Greene and Shugarman’s Honest Politics. Mr. Boucher is a specialist in fraud and corruption investigations. His investigator experience includes 12 years with the Royal Hong Kong Police and 17 years in the private sector.


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