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2019 Annual CAREB Conference

Delta Hotel, Winnipeg 350 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg

2019 Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards. One day of workshops, two days of conference and AGM for everyone interested in ethics in […]

EPAC Webinar “Off Duty”

"Off Duty: Should Employers Punish Misbehaviour that Happens Off the Job?" Should employers be allowed, or even encouraged, to punish employees for wrongful behaviour off the job? Or should an […]

Through the Looking-Glass: Public Sector Ethics Now and Beyond

A conversational and interactive webinar with Ralph Heintzman on foundations, current conditions and future directions in public sector ethics. Get your questions and comments ready! Ralph Heintzman helped to launch […]

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EPAC - Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada | APEC - Association des praticiens en éthique du Canada

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