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EPAC/APEC has two online tools for sharing ideas. And that’s very important. We need to share ideas beyond our immediate localities. And we want to sustain discussions beyond the few minutes or hours of a local event. Even people in the same city have difficulty getting together for face-to-face ethics discussions. So nationally and even locally, online discussions are a vital option.

If you look frequently at our EPAC Community on Google+ and our EPAC LinkedIn Group, then you can skip this blog. If not, here’s a sample of what you have been missing on either or both sites:

  • Comments on the federal government’s triennial employee survey report that mentioned workplace harassment.
  • Participants’ recommendations of books to enhance our ethical knowledge.
  • Views on sexual discrimination and racism cases in the news (notably the former NBA team owner).
  • Virtues: remembering Jean Béliveau
  • Workplace conflict of interest in hiring (“Can I participate in a competition where the position is supervised by my spouse or a family member?”)
  • Using scenarios in ethics training
  • Should sustainability be an ethical value of organizations?
  • Foundations of trust
  • Should punishment precede proof of guilt and should it encompass whole groups: cases of universities suspending sports teams
  • Ethics as an element of branding
  • Ethical procurement and exclusion of companies found guilty of corruption from bidding on government contracts
  • The struggle between loyalty and criticism
  • Can ethics be taught?
  • Ethics developments in the federal government since 1995

This is just a sampling; there are a lot more. Please participate! Dialogue about ethics is essential to keeping ethics alive.

A special thank-you to Anne Buchanan for starting the Google+ site and animating both sites for many months; and all participants, particularly frequent contributors Anne, Jane Garthson and Chris Bauer.


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