Progress Report – March 2011

The main accomplishments of the organization in the first nine months of the new Board
(from the June 2010 Board meeting to the March 2011 progress report)

  • A full day retreat to determine the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Directions of the organization, and develop an implementation plan, resulting in the approved Strategic Plan of October 4, 2010.
  • Confirmation through the December workshop that practitioners saw a strong need for the kind of education and training EPAC can offer, and saw EPAC as a credible provider of that education and training
  • Two top speakers who perceive EPAC as a worthy recipient of their donated service and travel time
  • Recruitment of numerous well qualified, thoughtful and energetic new volunteers interested in serving EPAC’s vision and mission, and new ones are still coming forward
  • A positive and healthy working relationship with the new Quebec organization and with the ECOA
  • Completion of two full years worth of financial management and pro bono reviews
  • Development of a completely new web site that will be much easier to use and maintain
  • Operation of a national organization with very minimal resources due to volunteer efforts, in kind contributions and tight control

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