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June 23 – 2017 Annual General Meeting

Following the webinar on “The Ombudsman”, EPAC’s AGM will start at 1:30 p.m. EST. Attendance can be in person, by webinar link or by teleconference; members have received the... Read more >

Carleton University: Graduate Programs in Ethics and Public Affairs

Carleton University is launching new graduate programs in Ethics and Public Affairs in 2015. One is a graduate diploma that can be taken part time over two years (or longer), and another is a Ph.D.

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Canadians for a New Partnership

Canadians for a New Partnership is a new organization, established in September 2014. Its vision is a new partnership between First Peoples and all Canadians in order to build together the strong economy and values-based society that will benefit this and future generations.

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Canada’s New Policy Statement on the Ethical Treatment of Human Subjects in Research

Canada has a new policy statement on the ethical treatment of human subjects in research. The first chapter enunciates an overriding principle – respect for human dignity – with three core ethical principles: respect for persons, concern for welfare, and justice. These principles and the supporting arguments make great ethics reading and should be applicable in other areas of applied and organizational ethics.

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Transparency International Fights Corruption

Transparency International fights corruption in government, politics, business and civil society. A current interest of Transparency International Canada is the PWGSC “Integrity Framework”.

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