EPAC: Ethical Leadership Workshop

When: October 30, 2014, 8:15 am to 11:30 am. The workshop begins promptly at 9:00 am but doors open at 8:15 am for networking and refreshments.
Where: The Theater (Room 2200), River Building, Carleton University. (There is limited pay parking available at various locations across the Campus).
Cost: $40 for current (2014) members of EPAC; $80 for all other participants.

Dr. Stephen Maguire, Carleton University Centre on Values and Ethics (COVE)

For our fall workshop, EPAC has invited Dr. Stephen Maguire to conduct a session on the always-relevant topic of ethical leadership.

The workshop will expose participants to new research that identifies risks associated with senior leadership and how practices associated with ethical leadership can mitigate those risks. Among other sources, some of this research reflects surveys of over 10,000 police officers in Canada.

Dr. Maguire will lead participants through a series of interactive group exercises. Participants will

  • discover risks associated with executive leadership,
  • discuss ways to mitigate these risks, and
  • learn why practices associated with ethical leadership can help mitigate leadership risks, sustain a culture of integrity, and sustain employee commitment to integrity.

The morning schedule will allow time for networking. The opportunity to meet and learn from colleagues has been a significant advantage of previous EPAC workshops.

The workshop will be in English only.

Registration is required: Registrations must be made on our website at www.epac-apec.ca and must use PayPal or its associated credit cards for payment.


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