EPAC Annual General Meeting: June 23, 2017

Following the webinar on "The Ombudsman", EPAC's AGM will start at 1:30 p.m. EST. Attendance can be in person, by webinar link or by teleconference; members have received the necessary instructions. In Resources - Articles and Event Materials you'll find the draft agenda, draft minutes of the 2016 AGM, and information on the renewing and new candidates for the Board of Directors.

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Ombudsman (June 23 Webinar)

Hear two experts on how an ombudsman office compare with other functions that help an organization to be true to its values and ethics. See the Webinar

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Ethical Risk Webinar Materials

The slides and recording of EPAC’s fifth webinar are now available. Dr. Ann Fraser, Executive Director, Values, Integrity and Conflict Resolution Directorate, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, spoke on March 23rd on “The Importance of Understanding Ethical Risk to an Organization's Reputation and Integrity”, including how to create Ethical Risk Profiles.

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Whistleblower Systems slides (October 13 EPAC webinar)

"Whistleblowing: Managing Risks, Reducing Harm, Increasing Value" looked at the positives from truth-telling in organizations and how to help it happen. The presentation slides are now available.

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Lunchtime Round-Tables in Ottawa

Our lunchtime round-tables in Ottawa will resume in the Fall. For members and non-members too.

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Featured Article

Ethical Conduct of Scientific Research: Your Role!
Research Ethics Boards need community members as well as specialists. Read the article >

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The Ombudsman Webinar June 23, 2017
How does an ombudsman office compare with other functions that help an organization to be true to its values and ethics? See the webinar >

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Ethics and caring about others
Read about our first EPAC member in Australia, how EPAC helped her get into ethics, and how her path took her around the world. Read the post >

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Charbonneau Commission Webinar
The bilingual PPT presentation is available here. Read more >


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